Dan Chamberlin, Co-Chair of the Special Education Department and School Champion for the Grandparent program at Deerfield High School, joined Jerry Witkovsky, along with family and friends, when Mayor Rosenthal proclaimed “Jerry Witkovsky Day in the Village of Deerfield” last month. (See the Facebook Live Video of the event here.)

Dan’s words:

So, Jerry, congratulations. You are my Carpe Diem

I work with Jerry at Deerfield High School. It’s been 3 years, but it’s felt a little bit longer, just because, not in a bad way, but because you are so endearing.

You have a passion for starting a tradition that is through this kindness and generosity that you carry in your eyes and your soul.  It warms my heart every time you come into my office.

It‘s always “how can we do this better, Dan?” And he’s always pushing, in a good way. You have touched me as an educator and it’s only been three years. I really think what you want to give to other people, other grandparents and grandchildren is so endearing and special that I think it’s only fitting that we have a day in Deerfield named after you, for grandparents day, Grandtimes, grandparent programs and everything you are even bringing into the middle school.

You are my carpe diem. You do seize the day and say we are going to make it and keep on going.

Thank you for your time that you give to Deerfield High School and the Village of Deerfield.