Grandma's Pancakes

Ask someone what their favorite food is that Grandma makes (or makes available) and that can spark many a memory—the taste of the food itself, or where you were when you ate it.

For Elisa, it’s Grandma’s Banana Cake and the poppy seed cookies cut into the shapes of the four suits on playing cards. By coincidence, those cookies are also the favorite food of her Dad–remembering his Grandma.  For Simon, he likes Butterfinger candy bars, because those were his grandpa’s favorite.

Grandson Jesse Rabbits shares his memories of Grandma’s Pancakes below.

What’s your favorite “grandparent” food?


My grandmother made me pancakes whenever I visited her. Without fail, I would arrive to the smell of hot butter, and the sight of a yellow Bisquick box on the kitchen counter.  Even if I wasn’t hungry, she would sit me down for a heaping plate.  Every time.

“Mimi” knew what I didn’t:  that I desperately needed something dependable in my life.  I was seven, and my parents’ divorce had shaken my family, and left them both helpless.  I believe I could have been driven into terrible habits or a hopeless future.  But she gave me the semblance of a strong foundation, even if I saw her no more than once a month.

Those pancakes became something to look forward to, a glint of hope in a wider story of despair.  Mimi and her pancakes provided me with the stability I needed, something warm and nourishing in days that felt dark and cold.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania