“How’s school going” not the same bright conversation starter as it was when your grandkids were young? Busy parents not always communicating upcoming events? What’s a grandparent to do?

Here are 7 ideas to learn about what’s going on at your Grandchild’s School.

  1. Check the School Website

    Watch the website at your grandchild’s school. Look for announcements. Read the section for parents. Watch for events.

  2. Subscribe to the School Newspaper (eNews)

    Get a subscription to the school newspaper or enews, so you can keep up with what is going on at school.

  3. Read what they are reading in class

    Read what they are reading in English, so you can discuss the book with them. Ask them what they are studying in History and Science and share your knowledge and expertise. Get conversations going on those topics. Ask them what they find interesting and why. Ask them about their teachers. Most teachers have a class page, or ask at the beginning of the year to get the reading list. More fun…make it a book club with your fellow grandparents!

  4. Keep an Activity Calendar

    Ask your son or daughter to send you the activity calendars of your grandkids’ events. Even better, ask your grandchild to give you this information.

  5. Go to every event that you can

    Try to attend every game or concert or any event your grandchild is participating in. They love seeing you there to support them. And, extra bonus help for parents, some Meets and Games are during the week and far away. Offer to drive or pick them up (and maybe slip in some post game ice cream–that never goes out of style no matter how old they get!)

  6. Know what clubs they are in

    Know what clubs they are members of so you can talk with them about what the clubs are doing.

  7. Get involved at the school

    Attend other events at their school, even if your grandchild is not participating in them, like football games, basketball games, theater performances, choral or orchestra or band concerts, dance shows. Maybe even volunteer to collect tickets or work the concessions. You might see or re-connect with other grandparents while at the school.

Learn more tips from grandfather and author Jerry Witkovsky.