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Intergenerations on Mortality

As the old saying goes, there are only two certainties in life: Death and Taxes.

I have a few adages of my own: When a grandparent dies, the library doors are closed forever; or Create a Living Legacy. It’s why, as well, so much of my writing is about how families can create a culture of Teaching and Learning, and how grandparents can unleash their creativity to transform their families, and things grandparents can do to enter their grandchildren’s world.

As one segment of the series “Grand Connection: Three Generations of Grandparenting,” both grandchildren and grandchildren shared their thoughts on a grandparents mortality. And, while it’s not a subject that’s easily spoken about aloud, it was one that all had thought about (or purposely avoided.

For one young person, who lost a grandparent when she was young, “it wasn’t fair. I didn’t understand why no one could fix it.”

So, watch the video, and then call your Grandma or Grandpa or text your grandkids!

Have you talked about this with your grandkids? How do you each feel about this?