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4th of July Grandma-Kaufman

Does it always seem like the current generation has it harder than the one before?

“Life seemed more simple when I was growing up,” says one grandmother. “Probably the worst thing was chewing gum or a spitball.”

Yes, I remember that rhyme about the difference between a child chewing gum and a cow chewing cud…”I see it now. It’s the intelliegent look on the face of the cow.”

Was life easier for kids in era’s gone by? From a technology standpoint, no (think of a world with no Google!” But here, grandparents and grandchildren reflect on the differences between parenting styles and the generations.

“My parents make me eat my vegetables, but not all of them. At Grandma’s I have to eat all of them or I don’t get dessert.”

Perhaps it’s just the deep love grandparents feel for grandkids, that desire to keep them safe and free from harm. And that sentiment is one that has been a staple for generations.