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Daughter-in-law Bite Your Tongue

By Guest Blogger, Deanna Shoss,

What do father- and mother-in-laws have to say about the daughter-in-law relationship? “In most cases the mother-in-law has to bite her tongue.” “I don’t want to offend her.” “Usually it’s the female who runs the roost.”

In an effort to understand the Grandparenting Phenomenon (Over 100M people in the US are GrandParents) Author Jerry Witkovsky, author of The Grandest Love: Inspiring the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection worked with Catalyst to produce a video that featured national research and responses from a broad cross section of grandparents, adult children and grandchildren.

In this chapter (one of 8 on different Grandparent topics, available here), the grandparents share their experience and thoughts on their (or maybe they were thinking abstractly) daughter-in-law. (Watch the video below).

Thoughts from the Daughter-in-law

What’s missing from the video is thoughts from a real, live daughter-in-law. While mine is just one perspective, in our household “I’m going to tell your mother” was a last straw way in a fight to let my husband know he was really in trouble…because she always took my side!

We were interfaith (I thing she was traumatized by our son’s circumcision), intercultural (she is from Brazil, we communicated in Portuguese) and from different generations, but oh how I miss her!

If you read this story about giving her her first job, you will know why I love her…and will love her too!

What do you think? Hear what these mother- and father-in-laws have to say. What has been your experience with your in-law?