Grandparents leaving a legacy

When I speak to groups of grandparents, they often ask me “what will my legacy be?”

In 3 Generations on Grandparenting, grandparents share their heartfelt wishes, and grandchildren share what they have learned from grandchildren.

Grandparents leaving values, not just valuables.

For me, I always say “don’t die until you’re dead!” Along those lines I’ve created some ideas that help grandparents share ideas, values and more while they are still alive. And, while grandkids “hold the keys” with both of these programs, they offer ideas for time to spend together, tools for having conversations and connecting to grandchildren about the things they care about.

The Four Jars

The Living Legacy Foundation (what it is) and details about how The Living Legacy Foundation works, here.

Or read letters from grandchildren about what they have learned from their grandparents.

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