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Teaching Learning Grandparents Grandkids

“Computers, history, how to hang free” are among things grandparents say they’ve learned from their grandchildren.

And grandchildren, now young adults, cited “perseverance, to be giving, to go after my dreams” as valuable lessons learned from Grandma and Grandpa.

A teaching and learning culture is one in which knowledge and experience are shared in all directions, from young to old or old to young; where individuals take their passions and teach those around them, all involved not only learning new skills or gaining new knowledge, but getting insight and more closely connecting with loved ones.

Teaching and Learning between Grandparents and Grandchildren

The Teaching and Learning chapter is excerpted from Grand Connection: Three Generations on GrandParenting, where Catalyst’s national research team interviewed a broad cross section of GrandParents, Adult Children and Grandchildren. The goal was to create opportuntiies for communications, learning and understanding between the three generations. Teaching and Learning was one of eight major themes that emerged, issues common to all three generations.

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