Grandparents, Parents, Grandkids

I’ve discovered that a grandparent’s deep love for their grandchildren and a commitment to connecting with them and their world, can foster an improved family synergy across the board, enriching my relationship with the parents of those amazing grandkids: my daughter, Ellen, and my son, Michael, and their respective spouses.

It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve managed to heal some old wounds and lighten some old baggage. And we are mindful of trying to maintain open, respectful communication and mutual cooperation.

The reality is: when you and your adult offspring are stuck in an unforgiving past, unable to broker a grown-up détente, there can be little basking together in the sunshine of the grandchildren. And all three generations, through every season of their lives, will be poorer for it.

The birth of a child heralds a precious time, one that has the power to transform all the adults touched by the experience into more loving people. I hope and encourage you to be open to such transformations-and even actively try to facilitate them.