In The Grandest Love: Inspiring the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection, I talk about the importance of three generation family meetings and to create a vision for a family. This includes sample quizzes and surveys that can help a family discern their common values in life. Our own family went through this process, and here’s what we came up with.

This family can be:

Our launch pad…where we soar from in exploration; where we return, again and again, to share treasures amassed through growth and risk taking; where we go forth to better our own lives and the lives of others.

Our safe haven…where we can share our hopes and dreams, and trust that they will never be minimized or belittled; where we can fail, but are never made to feel like failures.

Our wellspring…where love is nurtured and nurtures in return; our sustenance in times of both joy and sorry, its capacity continually replenished—even enlarged—by healthy conflict and vigorous debate.

Our spiritual refuge…where we can retreat to sort out confusion, and heal from pain, in an atmosphere of tenderness and understanding.

Our support system…where we are comfortable asking for and receiving help; where we mobilize our collective assets (knowledge and insights, talents and love) to steadfastly aid each other in meeting life’s challenges.

Our anchor…where a profound sense of belonging becomes the strong and steady center of our being.

Our roots and wings…where communal responsibility is cherished and individual freedom is celebrated.