Four Jars for Teaching Values

Jerry Witkovsky, author of The Grandest Love: Inspiring the Grandpraent-Grandchild Connection, talks about “the three jars,” for spending, saving and giving to charity, as a way engage in conversation, share values with grandchildren. (Watch Jerry talk about the three jars below.)

“Recently I’ve added a 4th jar, for Investing. This final jar completes the circle, adding an element of not only a vision for the future, as with saving, but building for the future. It may include their own money, or “chits” representing investments parents (or grandparents) may have made for their college education.”

The three jars, plus the investment jar, are a wonderful way to instill the values of independence and responsibility, caring and growing.  Whether they have chosen to spend, save, give or invest, they are in control. It’s a chance for me as the grandparent to share the values behind the jars, and to talk about why all areas are important, and it’s a chance for them to learn how to manage money, to plan for the future and how they will eventually give back to the world and create their own legacy.

Visit Jerry Witkovsky’s Website, The Grandest Love.